Tapestry Wallhangings

.Textile Artist and Tapestry Wallhanging



Textile artist Sallie Tyszko weaves strong, powerful tapestry wallhangings, full of colours and textures on big floor looms.

Sinnuous lines thread across landscapes. Luminous mohair undulates through the waves of seascapes. The colour of a sea at dawn, the veins of a leaf, a shade, and a shape inspire,
and the legends give a  mermaid, myths and mystery.

The weft of Sallie's wallhangings is anything weaveable; stones, rocks of mica, mohair, silk,
wool, hand-dyed, hand-spun.

The warp cotton, the transparent backgrounds 50lb breaking strain fishing line. Each driftwood
frame meticulously constructed. Nothing is impossible.

Sallie's tapestry workshop Driftwater Weaves is open all year, please phone.